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  "The Walking Dead" – What Should We Expect??

With the return of Walking Dead in a little more than 7 hours, what should we all expect?

Well if we believe what all is being said by the actors and crew, excrement is going to get real. Now how much more real??? Lets see when we last left the group, everyone was reeling from the attack by the Governor and his minions. Rick and Carl, Tyreese and some others, Daryl and Beth, Glenn and the bus, Maggie with Sasha and Bob, and others. It was like Dickerson and Hoffman just took the whole chessboard and tossed it into the air.

The Good of it

What can possibly be good about this?? Well a whole lot of stuff. Sure the group was starting to reach some semblance of normalcy by turning the prison into a home. Gardens and food courts, councils and story time all gone now. Its back to square one, and overall this is something that keeps the show fresh and on the edge.

With these 5 or 6 groups to play between, the writers can now focus on the characters in a different way, grooming them to each step up in their own spotlights in various episodes or segments. With the loss of Hershel, the moral compass and fiber of the group, a new one must emerge. But first, it’s time to weed through some of what could possibly be the chaff of the wheat for the group.

Strong female leads are a common factor with this show. And that is really a good thing. Carol in fact showed the overall transition from abused and timid wife to leader. However, at some point it was shown that maybe the moral compass with the change tilted a bit too far with all the change. But time will tell. My bet is that Carol will come across Daryl and Beth, or Maggie and others somewhere in the first couple of episodes.

But new female leads must come forward. Beth is one that I think will be developed. She has always been there, but was kind of kept in the shadows. Her whole psyche just seems to be a jumble. Yet she found her way to becoming the mother figure in some cases to the children. I think that they will take time to let her develop and become a significant part of the story now. I don’t look for her and a Daryl type of thing at all. In fact I won’t be surprised to see Daryl actually wall all that off for now.

The Hat and The Boy

So Rick and Carl are going to have some father son time here. With the loss of Judith, and all the other things that have happened, Rick is going overboard and is pretty much torn apart. He is in mourning for everything that he has lost, but he’s totally missing Carl in front of him.

Somehow I don’t see things getting to better in to soon of a time frame. I don’t know if that is Rick’s unrealistic expectations or that the world is so far gone, reality is a whole different thing. Do to this, it’s hard to tell sometimes who the father is and who the son is. This will be the biggest problem from the loss of Hershel overall for both Rick and Carl.

Girls and Guns

So Lizzie and Mika Samuels have taken Carol’s Story Times to heart. They save Tyreese from getting killed but in the end, it looks like their actions have cost Judith hers. Did they realize that? Was it something that they considered? Or did Carol’s mentoring take them to the point of action without consideration of consequences. Not sure how well this two are going to fair. It is interesting because it does seem to be a theme that in most cases the strong survive, and these 2 girls seem to have come from left field. They may be red herrings overall though.

Who Else? Who Knows?

So will we also get some character building from Lilly and Tara? Lilly appears to have finished of the Governor, and Tara who was a big talker on guns and action got her eyes opened and ran off amid all the commotion. I thought that the human side the 2 gave to the Governor was pretty interesting. But alas, they too may have been just window dressing, and their use is over.

What will we see for Michonne? After losing Andrea at the end of Season 3, Michonne appeared to have healed up some. She was still a loner, but kept orbiting the group at the prison, and little by little found her place there. Aided by her relationship with Hershel as a mentor/confessor, and Carl, her pseudo brother she was becoming more and more human and allowing relationships to develop. With her losses mounting, she seems to be ready to pass on outward in a farther orbit from all to sort out the hurt and the rest of the baggage before maybe coming back in.

Closing Thoughts

Well with all that said and the season close to starting again, there are a few final thoughts.

The writers and crew have a lot of work to do. Are they going to develop a new outside threat, or will they be so totally focused on character development that the threat will be put on the backburner? The only other thing I wonder is the roadmap over all. They have 8 episodes to tie up the fragments and coalesce them into something that will hold our interest and curiosity over the next break. How can they spend timely resources doing too much character development without also prepping for the future.

Get the popcorn ready cause its almost show time!

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