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“Us” The Walking Dead 4-15

  !!! Warning Spoilers Contained Within !!!

It’s more about the Journey??….

Over the course of the last 6 episodes, the groups have all been off on various journeys launched from the violent catastrophe of the fall of the prison. While in these circumstances they all would question about what the journey is beyond survival, for us the viewers, it’s all been about who is going to survive, and make it to the next season. With Lizzie and Mika being the latest to exit, and this being the next to the last episode for the season, the show overall is winding up for what could be a cliffhanger.

Traveling down the tracks….

Starting off with Glenn, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, and Tara continuing down the tracks, finally they come across one of Maggie’s messages for Glenn. Seeing that she is alive, Glenn impulsively runs off after her. But after a while he slows down and allows the rest of the group to catch up. It’s here that Abraham and Rosita try to talk some sense into Glenn, slow down and rest up for the whole group’s sake. As they discuss it at a loading tower, a walker comes out of the upper level and takes a header. Unfortunately Tara takes a tumble as Abraham saves Eugene (and theoretically the world) from the falling walker. As the discussion resumes, Glenn is still gung-ho to keep going, and makes a deal to hand over his riot gear for Eugene to use if they travel until sundown. Even though she is hurt, Tara takes Glenn’s side out of her need to pay a debt. So even against good judgment, the whole group carries on down the line.

Claiming a group….

Meanwhile, Daryl’s new group is waking up as a walker comes up against some barbed wire that they surrounded their camp with. Daryl is evidently missing, but Joe tells the others he is still with them as his stuff is still around. Daryl is off hunting and nails a rabbit, just as another of the gang’s arrows also hits it. As Daryl and Len walk up on it, Len shouts claim. It’s here that Joe shows up and breaks up the impending fight between the two. He explains the whole rule concept that the group goes by. As the argument spools up again, Joe settles it by cutting the rabbit in half and giving half to each of them. He ends it by telling both that now the rules are known, and future issues won’t be settled as nicely.

The group breaks camp and returns to heading down the tracks towards Terminus. Awhile later, with the approaching night, they decide to take refuge in a garage on the side of the tracks. The whole claim rule comes into effect again, as spaces to sleep are taken. Daryl takes a space on the floor and goes to sleep as the others do also. In the morning an irate Len comes at Daryl claiming that he stole the other half of the rabbit. As the two are about to fight, Joe breaks it up. Asking each man for his side of it Daryl denies doing it and Len asserts he did. It’s at this time that Joe hauls back and slams Len to the ground.

It seems that Joe observed Len placing the rabbit in Daryl’s bag while he was up relieving himself. Because of his lying, Len is now forfeit to punishment from the group. Joe tells Daryl that he didn’t stop Len because he wanted to see how he would handle himself, as the group continues to pound and pummel Len. In the morning as they leave heading down the tracks, Len’s body is found outside the building, beaten and bloodied and with an arrow in his head. Daryl continues on with the group.

Walking the Track….

Before the garage with Daryl, Rick, Michonne, and Carl are somewhere ahead of them. Michonne and Carl are taking the time to walk on the rails in a competition between themselves, continuing to bond. At the end Carl wins, and shares the prize with Michonne, a candy bar. As they continue they leave the wrapper behind.

Tunnel to my heart…

As Glenn and group continue, the tracks no go on into a tunnel. As they stand outside of it, every ounce of common sense says to go around from everyone except for Glenn. Sure what does he have to lose by going on it, he is blinded by his focus of getting to Maggie no matter whom or what may be lost. It’s at this point that Abraham calls in his chit and collects the riot gear for Eugene, as he isn’t going to risk Eugene for it.

As the 2 groups split up, Tara of course is going with Glenn. It a humorous turn, Eugene makes a pass for Tara, which she nicely tells him she likes girls. A guy has to try. Another gem with Eugene is his musings about the dinosaurs being taken out by the same kind of virus, and seeing walker dino’s going about and fighting. Good for you mullet. With Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene heading back to a crossing, Glenn and Tara continue on into the tunnel with her limping as they go.

Glenn and Tara shortly come to a cave in with multiple walkers trapped. As they pick their way around, and try to use the flashlight as a diversion, but it all goes wrong as Tara falls and her foot is pinned. With Glenn working to free her, the walkers start to come back.

Van Go…..

Meanwhile, Daryl, Joe and crew continue down the rails. They come upon another Terminus sign, and Joe makes a comment that while they are heading that way, no one would accept their kind there. Joe then shares that they are actually tracking the man who killed one of theirs and left him to turn and attack them back at a house.

Back at the crossing, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene successfully get a van to start and head off back on the road. With Abraham snoozing in the back, Eugene navigates as Rosita drives. After 3 left turns and some distance, Eugene brings them to the other end of the tunnel as he had planned. Seems the mullet really likes Tara and Glenn. It’s here that they discover Maggie, Bob, and Sasha coming from the tunnel.

Last Call…

All seems to be lost for Tara as she is trapped and the walkers are converging on her and Glenn. Glenn won’t leave her, seems he feels abit of responsibility for her finally after all his stupidity. As he is shooting walkers and getting ready for hand to hand, suddenly lights come on them and someone yells to get down, as a hailstorm of bullets is unleashed taking out all of the walkers. Its at this time that Maggie walks up to Glenn and they share a reunion.

After some cleanup and campfire, the groups bring up each other on what is going on since they split from the prison. They find out about Eugene and his need to be in DC. Tara is explained as someone they just met to Maggie, and overall its decided to go to Terminus as a group because Eugene feels that using the van to get to DC itself isn’t safe.

In the morning, the beleaguered little group marches up to Terminus. It’s well-kept and clean, with flowers and other plants everywhere. The gates and wide open with signs leading them through to the main area. There they are greeted by Mary (Denise Crosby), as she is standing by a large outdoor grill, and she offers them something to eat.

Rounding it up…

For the last 4 episodes or so, I have been writing about my concern and suspicion that Terminus will end up being another Logan’s Run Sanctuary. After seeing Mary, the grill, and all the open gates, Im pretty sure we are headed into some wild ass brutal stuff.

Joe and group are no good, and Daryl at first was guarding himself, but he seems to be slipping into his old ways.

Eugene seems to be reluctant to go to DC suddenly. Is it love or is it that he really doesn’t know what the cause is and how to resolve the virus.

Maggie burns the picture that Glenn had kept, Im pretty sure this is a bad omen for her overall.

With all this group together, and group Rick and group Joe/Daryl left to come together, do we really have enough time in about 48mins of show to resolve that and also get a good idea of the trouble Terminus is?

And finally will we see Beth again as a member of the group, or as the main course??


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