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  “Still” The Walking Dead 4-12

  !!! Warning Spoilers Contained Within !!!

For a good bit of time before this episode aired, I was trying to figure out where they were going from the title. Did “Still” reference being quiet and still to not attract the walkers? Was it “Still” stagnant water? With the previous mentions of Sanctuary, was this finally a time to stop wondering and be “Still”

Unfortunately overall all were wrong. This whole episode surrounded Daryl and Beth. As the two works together to survive, we see that they are making do so far, but they have to stay on the move. At one point, the pair seeks shelter in the trunk of car as they are on the verge of being overrun by a large herd of walkers. After spending the night in the car, they emerge the next morning, scavenge what they can and return to their temporary camp.

After having a lunch of sautéed snake, Beth makes the statement that “She needs a drink”, and not of water but of alcohol. This kind of catches Daryl by surprise, but he keeps it close to his vest. Beth reacts to his silence angrily, and stalks off stating she can take care of herself and with knife in hand heads off to find some.

In short order she finds herself in the middle of a smaller walker herd. Using a rock to distract them away from her, she is saved from a confrontation; just then Daryl surprises her from behind and leads her back to camp. Once there, she again states she is going to get a drink, and Daryl follows her reluctantly.

Tee Time…

The two come across a golf course as they are foraging for alcohol. With a group of walkers behind them, they make it into the Clubhouse. Once inside they find the remains of a group of people who were there before them. In the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, this group appeared to try to setup the clubhouse as a shelter and camp, but was unsuccessful. A trio of the previous occupants is found hanging from ropes in the rafters, now walkers themselves. With no alcohol in sight in the reception room, Beth continues farther into the club, with Daryl in tow after he’s scarfed up some of the money and other items he’s found on the floor, and the outside walkers beating on the door to get in.

Deeper in the club, and after several encounters with walkers, one of the final battles is pretty much all Daryl as he uses his crossbow, knife, and golf clubs to finish off the oncoming horde. Beth and Daryl make their way into what appears to be a bar and dining area. As Daryl scouts around the room, Beth finds a bottle of Peach Schnapps behind the bar. As she prepares to take a drink she breaks down into tears. It’s at this point that Daryl walks up and smashes the bottle telling her that her first drink should be something better.

Private Treasures and Memories….

Daryl takes Beth to a rundown shack not far from the golf course. Once there, he goes to the back and brings out a crate of jars and takes them inside. The inside of the shack is just as if not more rundown, with signs of the previous inhabitants strewn about. He takes one of the jars and pours out a sample and gives it to Beth, explaining that it is Moonshine, home brewed alcohol. She takes the proffered drink and downs it, and asks for another. Daryl turns down her offer to join in, citing that someone has to be alert to walkers.

It’s at this time that Beth talks Daryl into playing a drinking game (Never have I ever). Through the course of the game, Beth insinuates that Daryl has been in jail and committed crimes. Becoming upset at this, and having a good bit of Moonshine on board, Daryl breaks and goes on a tirade. It ends with Daryl dragging Beth outside and insisting on teaching her how to use the crossbow. Daryl shoots the walker and pins him to the tree. He then proceeds to force Beth to try to shoot the walker with the crossbow several times. It culminated with Beth breaking away and stabbing the walker in the head with her knife to dispatch it.

As Beth screams at Daryl that the walker didn’t deserve to serve as a target for practice, they get into a shouting match as all kinds of feelings and emotions tumble out. She accuses Daryl of not caring about anyone or anything. Daryl breaks down, and assumes responsibility for the Governor being able to kill Herschel and the others because he stopped looking for him. If he had tracked him down and killed him, then all would be well. One thing that doesn’t come up is about his feelings for Carol. As the two reach their crescendo of emotional rage, they end up hugging as each cry’s.

Bon Fire Time….

As the two sit on the porch of the cabin into the evening, they share stories about their lives and growing up, both regrets and thoughts. As they finish up, Beth tells Daryl that he will be the last survivor as he is uniquely evolved to deal with the world as it is now. She follows it up with suggesting that they burn down the shack as an effigy to the past and to move into the future.

Using up the last of the Moonshine, they torch the place, using the money Daryl collected from the golf club to start the fire. They then head off into the night.


This is one of those stories that you sometimes need to have because there is no way to introduce its content into the normal episode to episode type path that normally goes on. Well just like Carl and Rick patching things up in “After”, this allows both Beth and Daryl to move along in their characters development. Not sure exactly where they are heading, but it is progression. Was everything presented in this episode totally worth it?? Im not exactly sure, in fact I think it was pretty thin overall. They set out to create some good depth to the backstories on these 2 characters, but definitely skimped on the whole thing. At the end of it, we have this instead of all that could have been. Hopefully with 4 episodes left, they get their heads up some and make a better showing overall.

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