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  “Inmates” The Walking Dead 4-10

  !!! Warning Spoilers Contained Within !!!

With last week’s episode focusing on Rick, Carl, and Michonne, it’s only natural that this week’s episode focused on others from the defunct prison group. Beth and Daryl are one of those groups out in the wilderness. As both continue to run, it’s to a monologue by Beth as she reopens her diary. It seems that the diary is a way for us to learn more about her and to also grow her into one of the leading characters.

The two are still on the run, Daryl is into his brooding place, a safe place where he can reclaim himself while not showing any weakness outwardly. Beth however can’t work that way, and she pummels him with questions and statements for action. Finally taking off to find the children she leaves Daryl, only to have him get up and follow her silently.

The first signs of the kids, are some boot prints, and to the side in a long a slain rabbit. Now most may have missed this, and truth be told I didn’t see this until my 2nd viewing. And finding in another area among some dead walkers, blood on some leaves. After a fight with a walker, Beth contends with Daryl that no matter what the children are alive. They continue onward searching, finally coming across some walkers feasting on remains, and among them they find a child’s shoe.

Meanwhile, we step back a number of hours, Lizzie and Mica are walking, following Tyreese, who turns to reveal that he has Judith in his arms. Tyreese and the girls are fleeing through the woods as best they can. All the while Tyreese is doing what he can to be supportive and encouraging to the girls. Lizzie is in psycho-mode, and Mica scared. He focuses on keeping Mica going, while Lizzie is just a little over zealous in the situation, always pushing Mica to “grow up”.

Following a diaper change of Judith the small group is again on the run. Lizzie just goes through extreme lengths to see the worse as well as be a royal psycho over all. Tyreese has to leave the girls to go check out the screams they hear nearby. Tyreese finds a group of walkers attacking some other refugees and wades in to help out. Meanwhile, Lizzie, being the psycho path she is attempts to quiet Judith by holding her hands over the baby’s mouth, only to have walkers coming up on them. Mica fires and misses, and it appear that it’s going to be certain doom.

While the fight with the walkers ends, Tyreese kills the last walker after its already bitten the last member of the group who was fallen upon. His name is called and he turns around to find the girls, and Carol with Judith in her arms. As the last survivor of the fight slowly dies he tells them to keep to the railroad tracks as they will lead to salvation.

Carol explains some to Tyreese and the girls about the run with her and Rick, but she clearly leaves out the whole banishment piece from her killing of Karen and David. As they walk farther down the tracks they find the signs and map suggesting a safe area farther up the line.

Next Up…

Maggie, Sasha, and Bob are next up. Debating on whether to camp or to split up and search for the bus, they all end up going on looking for the bus. Bob appears to be one of the candidates to become a more mainline character as he and Sasha carry on some deeper conversations, and he takes actions suggesting that the group is important to him as a member and no longer being a loner.

As they find the bus, all aboard appear to have turned to walkers. In an effort to completely answer her question as to Glenn, the 3 clear the bus of the walkers. As they finish with the last 2 on the bus, Maggie breaks down into hysterical crying and laughing as she realizes that Glenn is not among them. I really liked Bob’s actions in this as he clearly became a part of the leadership in the group, while doing so in a quiet manner.

Meanwhile back at the Cell…

The last group is Glenn, who wakes up on the prison walkway that had been destroyed by the tank. Somehow or other he is pretty unscathed for such an explosion. Gathering his wits about him, he proceeds to go through the cell blocks gathering up stuff to pack into a rucksack to escape the prison. Personally my biggest problem with this was what and why would he leave as he had to open and close so many cells and areas, that it seemed he was pretty secure. He had time to really think through the situation and plan. But he doesn’t do that. Instead, he suits up in full body armor and with the rucksack on his back takes off through the decimated inner prison area to look for Maggie and others.

As he heads out, he notices a lone figure sitting in an enclosed space, it is Tara. He goes to her and collects her to join him as he searches for the others. While she states that she shouldn’t because of her actions, the tells her she has no choice as he needs her and this is her way to make up for the trouble she was a part of in attacking the prison.

Once the two escapes, we find out the Tara’s sister Lilly, was swarmed by walkers after she finished off the Governor. She also relates to Glenn about Hershel’s death. Overall the reaction from Glenn to her and his seeing the bigger picture is really telling about his growth and development in this situation overall. Tara shows promise as also being worthwhile to be starting with where she is at and developing to be someone like Glenn in the future, if she survives.

Final Roll call…

As the two are journeying along the road, they are set upon by walkers once again. Glenn collapses, and is saved by Tara, as a heavy duty military truck rolls up. Three new characters, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene confront them and offer help. While new to the show, they all three are familiar to Walking Dead Comic readers


Some loose ends…

Earlier in the show when Tyreese and the girls as sitting in an area at night, we see that there is a rabbit trapped by Lizzie. We see her pull her knife out and start to make motions at the rabbit. Somehow this is reminiscent of the dissected rabbit that was found in the prison before the attack. This is apparently the rabbit that we see by the log as Daryl and Beth are searching for them.

Is it possible that Carol really didn’t kill Karen and David, and maybe she is covering for someone else?? I owe this one to Jaime Toth, a friend of mine, who brought this up. She outlined a number of things that overall may seem to point to this as a possible story arc that is in the background.

If you notice all the action with each group appears to happen in the same areas, only separated by time. The overall appearance is that they are close by, but just missing each other.

The only other question left out there is do we get another set of smaller group stories in the next episode “Claimed”, or are they going to start to tie these loose ends up and build a stronger rope of a story arc.

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