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  “Claimed” The Walking Dead 4-11

  !!! Warning Spoilers Contained Within !!!

The episode opens with Tara and Glenn I the back of the military truck that found them at the end of “Inmates”. Tara is keeping track of the way they are going on her arm with a marker, while Glenn is still out to lunch. As the truck stops at a road block, Abraham smiles as he dispatches several walkers after telling Tara not to use her gun. She asks about his smiling, and he tells her “he is the luckiest guy in the world”.

Morning after…

Following their finding each other, the next morning Michonne joins Carl at the dining room table for breakfast. As the two converse joyfully about soy milk, Carl suddenly hits an emotional brick wall as his comments leads him back to the loss of Judith. As he excuses himself, Rick and Michonne have time to talk about things. Rick makes a statement to the effect that he can’t be Carl’s friend and parent, so Michonne’s friendship with Carl is greatly appreciated. Somehow I found this to be really out of sorts in that with the Zombie Apocalypse going on, does it really matter?? Isn’t it more about Rick and his issues with dealing with all that happened vs his being Carl’s friend?

But back to business, Michonne and Carl are going to go on a forage run, and because of Rick’s weakened condition he is to stay behind. For whatever reason, he gives Carl his weapon. So what happened with Carl’s gun other than being out of ammunition from the last forage run he made? SO this just leaves things setup for Rick to be left home alone.

As Rick sets about relaxing upstairs in bed, he dozes off. As Michonne and Carl begin their run, and are exploring the nearby houses, she begins to try to get Carl to open up. At some point she briefly mentions she’s always been better with younger children. Carl picks up on this, and starts asking questions. She holds his questions by telling him that he can ask one question after each room that they clear.

Back at the house, Rick is suddenly awakened by noises downstairs. Multiple men’s voices can be heard, as well as one pleading for his life. As Rick hears footsteps coming up the stairs, he scrambles to get under the bed and hide. Soon from his vantage point he see’s boots and the end of a rifle from the steps coming towards the room he is in. The individual ends up coming into the room, and then plopping himself on the bed and falls asleep. Leaving Rick trapped under the bed, of course with no weapon.


Back with Michonne and Carl, they find a house that appears to be mostly untouched. As they progress from room to room, she shares that she had a child, Andre Anthony, who was about 3years old. He was lost along with her significant other when they were hiding at their camp. As they separate in the rooms, Michonne finds a painting that shows a young girl crying blood, with her mouth a bloody and black mess.

It leads her through to another room, where she finds the prior inhabitants of the house. The 4 siblings are on the beds, with the mother sitting in the rocker, obviously all having committed suicide rather than facing the apocalypse. Michonne is deeply moved, and quickly leaves the room and closes the door before Carl can see anything. When he asks what was found, she tells him it was just a dog. As the two commiserate, Carl suggests that maybe Judith is with Andre Anthony and both are in a better place.

Heading North….

Meanwhile back at the truck, Glenn finally wakes up. In short order Tara tells him that they have been traveling for 3hrs or so, but she has kept track of where they have gone. Glenn being a man of action, starts banging on the truck cap to get Abraham to stop. Once the truck stops, Glenn with Tara in tow, jumps off to head back to the prison bus.

Abraham and group try to stop him, as he explains their mission to get Eugene to DC as he can “save the world”, and they need all the help they can get to get there. The best part of this exchange is when Glenn asks for specifics on what happened, Eugene claims its “classified”. Seriously?!?!?! The whole thing ends up with Glenn and Abraham getting into a brawl, and the 2 girls, trying to break it up. All the noise attracts a group of walkers. As the four continue to tussle, Eugene when confronted by the walkers grabs an automatic weapon and starts firing wildly. Abraham and the others then join in as they run back to the truck. After the melee abates, the death toll is about 18 walkers, and 1 army vehicle. Eugene in his brilliance somehow peppered the side of the truck with fire and tore apart the gas tanks, leaving the truck useless.

With the situation clearer, Rosita and Eugene determine it better to follow Glenn and Tara until they can find other transportation. When Abraham asks if that’s wise, Eugene’s reply is that it makes sense and he is smarter than Abraham. So off they go. As the walk progresses, we learn that Rosita and Abraham are an item. And that Abraham has taken a liking to Tara as “good people”.

Back under the bed…..

With Rick still under the bead, the leader of the men comes upstairs and fights with the other man who came upstairs first. Luckily for Rick, the leader kills off the other guy before you can tell him about seeing Rick on the bed during the fight. With the leader asleep, Rick slips out of the room, and tries to find another way out. Before he can get anywhere, commotion breaks out downstairs waking up the sleeping leader. They gather downstairs, and Rick can hear as they have discovered Michonne’s washed shirt, and are planning on an ambush.

As Rick tries to find a way out, he stumbles into the bathroom, where one of the invaders is shooting up on the toilet. Finally Rick has no choice and needs to fight with the man to survive. He successfully kills the man by strangling him with his weapons shoulder strap. After opening the bathroom window, Rick opens up the bathroom door, leaving it as an escape for the soon to be walker upon his awakening. Rick finally escapes the house and is making his way around to the front, only to be trapped by one of the men on the front porch. At the same time Michonne and Carl are returning and can be seen coming up the road towards the house.

Luckily, the walker in the bathroom awakens and begins to seek others in the house. With all the commotion going on, Rick is able to escape away from the house and pick up Carl and Michonne. The trio then heads away to the sounds of gunfire and screams from the house.

Sanctuary Rails

Rick, Carl, and Michonne find the railroad tracks as they leave the vicinity of the house. There they find the signs and map for Sanctuary. With barely anything other than the clothes on their back, they decide to go ahead and follow the maps directions and head for it.

So now basically we have Rick, Carl, and Michonne as a group heading for Sanctuary, as well as Carol, Tyreese, and the kids. Daryl and Beth too were on the rails, but we don’t know if they are following the maps or not yet. That leaves Bob, Sasha, and Maggie out there somewhere. And last but not least, Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene are heading back the way they came.

The Good, The Bad, and The Fuzzy….

So overall this wasn’t a bad episode, but it sure as hell wasn’t a great one. Honestly for me I’m tired of the current flavor of Rick we have. Where the hell is the guy who survived the initial fight in Atlanta and the farm house? Now we have this empty shell of a guy who yes has lost his wife and daughter, but clearly doesn’t seem to see what’s in front of him. I was almost hoping to see him get offed in the house to a certain extent. Suck it up sunshine and lead the group again.

As for Abraham, I thought maybe they would let up on the testosterone a bit, but clearly that’s not the case. And the whole Mission that he and Eugene are on, WTH?? I thought that with the end of the CDC the writers were told to stay clear of the government conspiracy thing and focus on the survival aspect? Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see a tree of storyline that gives some background on what happened and why. But I would hate to see them take us down a road that is going to be cut off.

SO what will we get with Still (4-12) this week? Will we continue to put the groups together on the road to Sanctuary?? Will we get any closer to it?? Will Eugene’s mullet flatten out??

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