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  Season 4 Catch Up "The Walking Dead"

After the mid-season hiatus, they’re back….

It will only be a mere 68 days, when February, 9th 9pm rings in the latest installment of The Walking Dead.  During what seemed to be years and not days, many a fan lamented the wait dying for the answers after watching “Too Far Gone”. In a great feat of directing and showmanship, the creative geniuses behind the show took it and literally ripped it apart into 5 ragged pieces.

Season 4.1 to 4.8….

After the battle of Woodbury, life seems to be calming down. With the addition of others to the camp, it’s starting to become more civilized. However, soon Rick’s turn to farming is smashed as the entire population of the prison is now under attack from a rapidly spreading and vicious viral strain. Few who get it survive it as it rapidly kills and turns them into walkers. In an attempt to try to cut off the infection someone in the camp kills off David and Karen who had been isolated for being sick with the virus.

In an attempt to save as many as possible, two groups set out for supplies, leaving Hershel and a few others to attend the sick and protect the prison. Rick and Carol go to a close housing development, searching through the houses picking up what they can. It’s during this, that Rick confronts, and Carol confirms that she was the one who killed David and Karen. Without remorse they go back and forth debating the good of the many out weighing that of the few. Rick steps up and makes the decision telling Carol that she cannot return to the camp because of her actions. So off Carol goes with a car, food, gas, supplies, and a weapon.

The other group, Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese set out for a nearby veterinary college in the hopes of obtaining drugs and supplies to treat the infected back at the prison. After several incidents, one thing we learn is that Bob is an alcoholic. The groups return to the prison in time to take on the groups of walkers crushing through the fence, and to rescue Hershel and others in the isolation cell block as the virus runs rampant and walkers are abounding. With everyone back, sans Carol, the group works to clean up from the breakdown of the fence and the virus.

To be The Governor or Brian….

While this is going on, there is a flashback to the Governor following the massacre of the Woodbury army. He, Caesar, and Shumpert are camped out. The Governor is pretty much a basket case, and because of this they abandon him. 2 months pass and the Governor is wandering aimlessly, until he comes across an apartment building and sees a young girl in the window. Taking the name of Brian Heriot, he makes up a story to cover for Woodbury, and the massacre that allows him to gain the confidence of the Chambler family.

Over a short period of time, he appears to have rehabilitated to some extent, having taken on this extended family and focusing on protecting them. As they travel to find safer lodging, they end up breaking down and going on foot. Unfortunately they run into a herd of walkers and get trapped. Only to be rescued by pits that Caesar and his new found group has dug. After an exchange of niceties, and a mutual agreement that Caesar is in charge, they are welcomed into the group.

This doesn’t last long as first Caesar makes the mistake of admitting weakness to the Governor/Brian in the current situation of the group’s safety. The Governor/Brian takes matters into his own hands and in short order has established himself as the leader of the “new Woodbury” and mobilizes the stronger and more aggressive members of the group into his lieutenants and secures his power.

Following this the Governor/Brian puts plans together to attack and take the prison, for the good of his new group and to secure their safety. While spying on the prison, he is able to take Michonne and Hershel prisoner and bring them back to camp. In the conversation that ensues, the Governor/Brian tells Hershel that his only goal is to take the prison, and he is happy to let Rick and all of them there escape and leave in peace. Hershel tries to talk sense into the Governor/Brian, that both groups can find a way to live together, while he can appreciate it, he tells Hershel that there is no way that they can all live together with so much history.

Third Act Time for the Fat Lady to walk….

With all the pieces in place, the final showdown is ready to commence.
Back in the prison Rick is finally telling Daryl about Carol and her exile. The bigger problem is telling Tyreese which they are about to do before 2 things happen. One is Tyreese discovers a dissected rabbit on a board in the bowels of the prison. The second is the tank that the Governor and his troops have with him, has just blown one of the prison towers away rousing everyone in the prison.

Rick faces off with the Governor, and is told that they have until sun down to vacate the prison, no one will be hurt and they are all free to leave. He tells Rick this as he has Michonne and Hershel on their knees with hands tied. Rick proceeds to have the same conversation as Hershel did before. However, as the talk escalates, the Governor finally throws away any humanity that he may have developed as Brain, and in a fit of rage uses Michonne’s sword to partially behead Hershel.

The fight from there rages on, and the group overall begins to break up into smaller groups. Rick and the Governors fight is settled when Michonne runs him thru with her sword, and he is left to die. Rick finds Carl, but as they go to find Judith, all which is left is a bloody car seat.

Tyreese is pinned by fire from several of the attackers, and is saved when two of the children from their group are able to sneak up and take both by surprise. He follows them as they leave.

Maggie puts Glenn on the prison bus with others, and then heads out to find her sister Beth who is searching for the baby. As they come back with Daryl, the bus tears away and leaves without them. Daryl and Beth get separated from Maggie, and then also leave as walkers are pouring through into the prison with all the commotion going on.

Bob and Sasha, with Maggie now, also break away as all seems to have fallen apart.

The Governor dying from his wounds and seeing that he
too will be a walker soon, is then finished off by
Lilly Chambler with a bullet to the head so it would seem.



The episode ends with Rick and Carl climbing away from the prison, and Rick telling Carl “Don’t look back Carl. Just keep walking”.

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