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  “Alone” The Walking Dead 4-13

  !!! Warning Spoilers Contained Within !!!

The first 10 minutes of “Alone” is just that, Bob wondering alone, sometime between “Welcome to The Tombs” (S3/Ep16) and “30 Days Without an Accident” (S4/Ep1). Reminiscent of Hanks in “Castaway” (2000) we find Bob wondering, with machete in hand through the forest. This seems to be sometime after Bob lost his 2nd group. Apparently hopeless and just moving about, we see Bob is pretty self-sufficient with protecting himself and in a way of not engaging the walkers unless he absolutely needs too. One day he is found by Glenn and Daryl, who give him the standard 3 questions which he passes and upon doing so becomes a part of the group.

Fast forwarding to today, Bob, Sasha, and Maggie are eyeball deep in fog with approaching walkers. They dispatch the walkers with Bob nearly being bitten. As they discuss options, the divide starts in going on searching for Glenn and others, or finding a place to start to make their own. Maggie of course is going to keep on searching for Glenn, while Sasha wants to stop and setup camp and stop wondering. Bob as the tie breaker, and is with Maggie. He sees the sense to “getting the band back together”.

Nothing says love like….

Meanwhile, Beth is taking lessons on hunting and tracking from Daryl, and is actually doing well. Unfortunately she suffers a sprained ankle from stumbling onto a steel animal trap. Because of her injury, travel is slow. The two come across a cemetery and home. After a short homage to Herschel that the two wordlessly share, they move onto searching the home.

The house is overall immaculate, someone has been keeping it clean and stocking it with food. Turns out that whoever is spending time there, they are taking the walkers and other dead, and are fixing them up to be presentable as a mortician would. Beth sees the beauty in it. I have to agree to some extent as the artistry in it is somewhat remarkable. Between this and the fact the house is being kept so well, either someone is living there, or it’s a Spider Trap for those who are wondering.

Just when Daryl and Beth seem to be moving towards settling down there, they are interrupted by a large group of walkers storming the house. The funny thing is this appears to be something that someone brought about and not just the typical herd. As Daryl fights them off to give Beth a chance to escape, she is somehow abducted by someone in a car. After Daryl escapes the house, he comes upon Beth’s backpack, and then turns as he hears the car starting and peeling out leaving him behind. Daryl runs after the car, but it is soon out of sight.

The Journey…

The next morning, Bob and Sasha awake to find Maggie gone and a note left saying she didn’t want to ask them to join her and risk their lives. Bob coaches Sasha to join him and catch up with Maggie, they need to stick together as a group. As they travel on following the tracks to Terminus, they talk about the situation. Bob’s smiling is bothering Sasha, he explains that if she had gone thru all he had with his loss of his previous groups, she would understand that it comes from not being alone any longer. It’s important and also the whole meaning of what is left to live for. Not to be alone any longer in the world.

In the meantime, Maggie finds more signs for Terminus. As she does she takes the opportunity to leave notes for Glenn at each time, telling him to go there. Using walker’s blood to write it. And she continues moving on. Bob and Sasha come across the signs and know they are on the right track. As they continue on through, they come across a small town. Sasha tells Bob that she is stopping and isn’t going on. He tries to reason with her, and tells her he can’t stop. As the two appear to be at an impasse, Bob continues on, and Sasha moves on into the town.

Sasha finds a relatively safe place on the top floor of the nearby building. While looking around, she looks out the side window only to see Maggie laying on the surface lot below among a number of walkers. However, the window comes loose and crashes to the ground, causing Maggie to awaken, and also a group of walkers to come pouring out of the building.

As Sasha and Maggie finish off the walkers, Maggie asks Sasha to go with her to Terminus. Seeing that they all need each other and Bob was right, Sasha agrees. The two set off after Bob.

The Long Road….

Daryl in the meantime is still trying to track the car. Exhausted, mentally and physically, Daryl sits down in the middle of the road and rests. Shortly after that, a number of other survivors show up and have him surrounded. Turns out they are the same ones who stumbles onto the house Rick, Carl, and Michonne had in “Claimed” (S4/Ep11). They come to terms and ask Daryl to join them.

Back to Bob, he is strolling along the tracks heading towards Terminus, and hoping to catch up to Maggie. Very reminiscent of the opening 10mins, however, this time he is smiling as he walks. Sasha calls him and as he turns around he finds her and Maggie. The three are reunited and continue onto Terminus.

Finally, we see Glenn as he comes upon the Track signs for Terminus.

What I got out of this…

Well overall I thought this kind of solidified the storyline for several of the characters. Beth is becoming more of a lead character and is also taking on the mantel of her father as the moral compass for the group. Sasha and Bob are starting to firm up as a couple and also seem to be showing signs of what there is to live for. This was lost earlier as Rick and Carl have changed.

My only hope is that with 3 episodes left, we get some of the stuff tied up and don’t enter the hiatus with some gloppyity-goopy-pile of stuff.

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